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To be the model Foundation in enhancing quality of life for vulnerable children and aged.



Provide Infrastructure, Education and Essential Services to Children and Aged.



  1. Love
  2. Huminity
  3. Peace
  4. Passion
  5. Servanthood

Dr.Kahara's Biography

Dr. Nathan Kahara has led an amazing and inspiring life. A few weeks after he was born on May 20th 1944 at Kariua village, Kandara Division, Muranga County in Central Kenya.

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Dr.Kahara Foundation Achievements

The Nathan Kahara Foundation is pleased to have achieved the following in the past three years of its short existence:

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Prof. Nathan Kahara at the Kenyatta National Hospital during the patients solidarity day .

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About Dr. Kahara Foundation

Dr. Kahara Foundation is inspired in a holistic way and premised in the following Seven Principles:

  • Prayers
  • Passion
  • Persistence
  • Perseverance
  • Peace
  • Positive Creativity and Innovation
  • Pooling of Talents.

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Dr.Kahara Foundation is a charity organization founded in 2009 as an organized response to the Philanthropic acts of its Founder, Professor Nathan Kahara. Born in 1944, in Kariua, Muranga County, in Kenya. Professor Nathan Kahara rose to prominence as the youngest Mayor of Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital City.

During his tenure as Mayor of Nairobi, Professor Kahara was instrumental in greening initiatives culminating with the popular affectionate adage for Nairobi, “The Green City in the Sun”

As an astute business man with diverse interests in real estate and motor industries, Professor Kahara believes in giving back to the community. As such  Professor Kahara has supported in many charitable activities, both in  his rural  environment at Kariua Village, Muranga County as well as covering countrywide activities.

Senior Citizen Welfare

Dr.Nathan Kihara Foundation strives to assist needy Kenyans through its community Community Feeding Program that has changed many lives.

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Children Welfare

In conjunction with Samaritans Purse International the Nathan Kahara Foundation has spread Christmas cheer to the hearts of little children .

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Disability Welfare

The Foundation works with networks of old peoples’ homes and churches to identify needy cases of disabled persons. Through this network .

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Medical Camps 

In partnership with the Lions Eye Hospital the Foundation organized free medical camp throughout Muranga County..

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Feeding Program

Dr.Nathan Kihara Foundation strives to assist needy Kenyans through its community Community Feeding Program that has changed many lives.

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Prison Care 

The Foundation has organized several Prison visits to several Prison facilities around Nairobi. Over 10,000 inmates in various.. .

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If you have a question or need to support  Dr.Nathan Kahara Foundation , please feel free to contact us!  info[at]


call : +254 722 388 552 / 725 054 245


Dr.Kahara Foundation

  • P.O. Box 56000-00200,
    Waumini House, East wing,
  • 1st Floor, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.